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Asthma and other chest sounds

Graphic of Children

Reproduced with kind permission of
Prof. Eugene Weinberg
Astra South Africa

The Wheeze
of Asthma

Asthma - Click to hear sound
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Note the pigeon chest deformity in this child with chronic asthma.

The Night Cough
of Asthma

The Night-time Cough of Asthma
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The Sound
of Bronchiolitis

Bronchiolitis - Click to hear
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X-ray shows severe hyperinflation of the lungs

The Stridor
of Croup

Croup cough - Cick to hear
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Illustrated here is the grey membrane found on the tonsils and fauces in diptheria.

The Grunting in
Neonatal Pneumonia

The Grunting sound in Neonatol Pneumonia - Click to hear
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The Breathing
in Pneumonia

Pneumonia - Click to hear breathing sound
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Chest X-ray demonstrates bilateral bronchopneumonia with consolidation in the right middle lobe.

The Whoop
of Whooping Cough

Pertussis Whoop - Click to hear
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Typical appearance of a child after a coughing spell

Snuffles in
a Neonate

Snuffles in a Neonate
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The Psychogenic Cough
of "Asthma"

Psycogenic cough - Click to hear
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Note the typical posture

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