Thank you for visiting this site to find out more about the application process. Please follow the steps below, which will guide you toward submitting your application successfully:

  1. Please read through the adverts to familiarise yourself with the scope of the research that is being funded. There are FOUR potential awards for this year.

  2. Download the application form and complete it electronically.

  3. Once you have completed the form, save the file with your name and a short title of your research project. (For example: N Magawaza_Latex allergy in health care workers)

  4. Name all e-files of supporting documents such as curriculum vitae of applicant (in full), supervisor CV (abbreviated) and letter from supervisor (must be signed), with your name as prefix.
    (For example: N Magawaza_CV; N Magawaza_Supervisor CV; N Magawaza_Supervisor letter)

  5. Please do NOT fax any CVs or letters to the ALLSA office. If you only have a hard copy of a document, please scan it into a pdf/jpeg file and save it with your name and label it as above.

  6. Once you have all your documents in electronic format, please submit it electronically for attention of Ruwayda Adams at: [email protected] by the 31st May 2008.

  7. You will receive confirmation by e-mail that your application has been successfully received.

  8. Please note that incomplete or late applications will not be processed.

  9. You will receive notification of the outcome of the application by the end of September 2008.

  10. Please contact the ALLSA office should you have any further queries.